Nonverbal Creativity Retreat

Creatively Emerging from the Inside-Out

Where the wisdom of the "silent retreat" meets interactive creativity in a collective group field

This program is about creating new patterns that allow real movement and change to occur. It is about actively engaging whole-brain/whole-body creative process in real time, going beyond what you know, and stepping into more of your Self.  It is about expanding the playing field beyond habitual ways of thinking and being into energized presence and deepened embodiment.

Creativity flourishes by engaging the non-habitual. By not using words, you access different parts of your brain and present-moment awareness. By doing this with a group, a collective co-creative field is developed. You have access to the creativity not only in your self, but also that in the "group field" where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The results are the emergence of new perspectives, perceptions and experiences; easier access to the "creative flow" state; and an increased number of "ahas" and novel connections.

Who should attend

This retreat is for you if you genuinely are ready to emerge new aspects of Self; call forth new work or life directions and/or generate inspired solutions; and have a FUN, engaging and creatively good time doing it!

Unleash your Inner Explorer. In this workshop, you will use the silence as a creative resource, along with a variety of focused creative experiences such as ritual, improv, art, nonverbal storytelling, masks, novel movement - can't reveal too much ahead of time ;-) The first part of the day is expanding and deepening. The second part of the day is discovering and focusing. The entire day is a festival of exploration and collaboration.


•  an expanded concept of Self
•  a respect for your own creative nature
•  new solutions, ideas or directions for work or life situations
•  techniques you can use at home to continue your creative emergence
•  reduced blocks to creativity
•  ability to see situations from a new, open perspective
•  increased confidence in navigating life's unknowns
•  increased presence and in-the-moment awareness
•  big fun and happy surprises 

What Participants Say

"What I gained from your workshop: a greater sense of who I am. Without conversation I could see more easily how I loved making connections. By not talking I also reduced thinking which allowed me to be more in the moment. I did not miss the speaking. Even though we didn't speak we were still interacting and sharing. I felt information through movement and being around others and experiencing how well we "yes and". I got to see it demonstrated by how we interacted with materials and contributed to the whole. Thank you again for your mission and sharing it so well. It's making a difference in my life. > Debra Witt, President of Witt's End, Inc.

>>> "Thanks for a fun day. I realized that I am very comfortable with silence even when I am with other people and I certainly enjoyed myself. Thank you! > Janet Campbell, Technical Project & Planning Analyst, MC Office of Information Technology