Creativity in Business eBook

32 Creativity and Innovation Thought Leaders Explore Applied Creativity, 
Creative Leadership and
Navigating the New Work Paradigm 

Each content-rich interview includes a "Making it Real" section with juicy exercises to apply to your work!

Includes interviews with Dan Pink (A Whole New Mind), Michael Gelb (How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci), Kat Koppett (Training to Imagine), Dr. Win Wenger (The Einstein Factor),
Julie Ann Turner (The Creator's Guide), Stephen Shapiro (24/7 Innovation), Dr. Paul Scheele (Natural Brilliance), Peggy Holman (Engaging Emergence), Mike Bonifer (Game Changers), Gregg Fraley (Jack's Notebook), Sam Horn (POP!), William Smith (Your Creative Power), Jeff Klein (Working for Good), Annalie Killian (Chief Magic Officer at AMP), Michael Margolis (GetStoried), Robert Richman (Zappos Insights), Dr. Stan Gryskiewitz (Positive Turbulence), Larry Blumsack (Face-to-Face), Brian Robertson (Holocracy), Frank Spencer (Kedge), Corey Michael Blake (Round Table Companies), Leilani Henry (Being & Living Enterprises), Tim Kastelle (Innovation for Growth), Seth Kahan (Visionary Leadership), Cathy Rose Salit (Performance of a Lifetime), Jay Rhoderick (Bizprov), Marci Segal (Creativity Land), Russ Scheon (Creative Leadership), George Por (Collective Intelligence), Doug Stevenson (da Innovise Guys), Rick Smyre (Communities of the Future) and Michelle James (The Center for Creative Emergence)

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