Creativity in Work

Professional & Personal Development 6-Week Program

Meeting 4 Fridays ~ 9-5 every other week

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"The Creativity-in-Work program took me further in just six weeks than individual counseling has taken me in the last ten years! Michelle is focused, purposeful, and unwavering in her commitment to help each of her clients reach their innermost potential. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!" ~ Denise Davenport
Use the Creative Resources within you to create new work directions, projects, products, services, processes, workshops, programs, or models

Do you seek more clarity, focus, direction, options or choices in your work? Do you want to create a new business or product or service, refine a process, develop a workshop, design a model or new approach, take your work in different directions, or bring fresh creative energy into your projects? Do you have lot of ideas but aren’t sure how to unite them into a coherent practical offering? Do you experience resistance around moving forward in your work? Do you want to generate more income and clients? Do you want to strcutre that which is most ALIVE in you into income-generating work?

Discover, Design, and Develop What’s Next in your Work using natural creative principles


This is an immersion program. We will meet 4 full days over the course of 6 weeks. In between meetings, there will be creative assignments and daily practices, each building upon what we do in the previous session. In between the second and third session, you will receive a 2-hour+ one-on-one Creative Emergence Coaching session (included) to support and focus the work you are doing in the program. After completion of the program, you will recieve a follow-up phone coaching session.

Our Creative Emergence Process is a very organic and flexible process, containing concrete and practical approaches as well as intuitive ones. It is based on the knowledge that by using whole-systems creativity, you: 1) get deeper, richer, more surprising and relevant information than with just left-brain analytical techniques alone, 2) quickly and easily awaken deep layers of your creative potential and understand your big picture patterns, 3) discover new answers to both old and new questions, 4) next level systems, solutions, or structures emerge naturally and 5) learn how to connect with your "creative source" to achieve inspired business outcomes.


This program works with both the interior self and the exterior self. It contains a balance of left and right brain activities, strategy and emergence, thinking and being, reflection and action, receptivity and generativity, improvisation and planning, heart and head, analysis and intuition, and structure and flow.

We’ll use the Creative Emergence Process with an integration of design thinking, storytelling, improvisational theater, the arts, imagery, movement, intuition-based techniques, reflection tools, whole-brain and accelerated learning methods, ritual, depth psychology/archetypes/mythology, systems thinking, knowledge from the complexity sciences, analytical processes and structured creative solution finding approaches.


Committed entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, employees, consultants, trainers, educators, executives, business owners, healers, seekers, creators, artists, pioneers and people in transition to name a few. It’s for people who believe they are not creative at all as well as those who are already highly in tuned with their own creativity. Some examples are:

• You are in transition – wanting to determine what is next in your work
• You are an entrepreneur who wants your business to reflect your passion
• You want to develop your “signature” model, process or service
• You're a business leader and want to bring more creativity into your workplace
• You are a consultant or coach who wants your service to reflect who you are
• You are looking to upgrade services, products, and approaches you already use
• You are interested in your work being more meaningful, creative and impactful
• You want to activate your creative imagination


• The development of new or the refinement of your existing business and/or offerings. If you work for an organization, new ways to apply your creativity to your current work
• The next evolution of your work project, approach, product, service, process, program, or model – whatever is ready to emerge next for you
• A self-designed structure that allows you to work using your unique gifts, skills, experiences and talents
• A concrete set of strategic goals; an action and initial marketing plan


As part of this program, you receive an orignal Creativity-in-Work Workbook. It contains activities, your creative processes, and your reflections, learnings and insights.


A one-of-a-kind box which contains items for enhancing your journey outside of the workshop setting.


• generating more income and clients
• increasing effectiveness and engagement in your work
• transforming creative blocks and barriers
• drawing forth the energy, passion, and assets already within you
• finding the most relevant avenues to pursue out of "too many possibilities"
• becoming more comfortable improvising and being spontaneous
• tuning into your intuition and and following creative hunches
• feeling more ease in accessing and using your creativity
• having fun and surprising yourself
• a new relationship with your "creativity source" that you can access anytime


• 4 full-days of workshops, each building on the one before.
• One 2+hour Creative Emergence in-person coaching session plus a follow-up phone coaching session (a $450 value)
• Customized Creativity-in-Work Workbook
• Unique Emergence Box
• Engaging assignments and practices to do in between workshops
• Art supplies and program materials
• Individualized make-up session for classes missed
• Ongoing support throughout the program
• Good food (see “Details”)
• A Cetificate of Completion

When: 4 Fridays, over the course of 6 weeks – 9:00am to 5:00pm. The first one-on-one coaching session is scheduled midway - between the second and third session. If you have to miss a full day workshop, you receive one individual make-up session to catch up. The second personal coaching session is held after the course is completed. Our money-back guarantee: If you show up and engage, and do the creative take-home activities and pattern-breaking practices, noticeable movement and positive change will happen.

Space is limited for maximum individualized attention. We accept credit cards. Payment plans are also available - call 703-760-9009 for more details.

To Register: Register online by clicking the Paypal button at the bottom of this page or email info@creativeemergence.com for mailing address if paying by check. Please include your name and contact information (email, home phone, cell). Credit cards accepted with online Paypal payments. Questions? Call 703-760-9009.

Food: Includes spring water, gourmet coffee, exotic teas and a variety of good quality snacks.

McLean, VA, less than 2 minutes from the beltway and Route 66. Free and plentiful parking, and public transportation accessible. Directions will be provided.

We accept credit cards and Paypal payments. Register here:

What Participants Say

"This program was life changing. I came up with a breakthrough new idea for my business...and I found myself easily completing tasks that I had procrastinated about for years. Each workshop was a joy to attend. Michelle is very gifted as a facilitator, able to gently encourage steps into the unknown that might be very frightening if attempted alone." > Michael Smith, CEO of Teratech

>>>"Thank you for a life changing creative experience. You struck a wonderful balance between fun, creative exercises that helped me learn more about myself and those that helped me identify and structure my emergent work. This is the first workshop I have taken that has steps built into it so we can accomplish our goals during the workshop."  > Janice Johnson, Journalist and Editor at the EPA

>>> "Michelle's workshop helped me considerably to develop my business at a deeper level of awareness through creative strategies that enhanced my inner conviction and mental readiness to move forward into the future. I strongly recommend that you take this particular journey with Michelle."  > Michael Bowler, Ph.D., President, Second Acts and Beyond

>>>"I delved into hidden wells of creativity within myself I didn’t know exist. My confidence grew and something inside me shifted. I attribute a rush of new business to the subtle transformations that occurred within me during this course. I recommend this course to anyone seeking to launch or expand a business."  > Bev Hithcens, owner of ALIGN!

>>>"Working with the Creative Emergence process is a multi-layered gift to be unwrapped slowly. I never imagined starting a business could actually be a "fun" process. I highly recommend this program." > Ann Bracken, President of The Possibility Project

>>>"I started the program feeling suspended between worlds past and future and I ended it feeling like a stable, creative force, carrying forward just the right parts of the past - and a vision and plan for the emerging future. My enthusiasm, happiness, and confidence are signs of having found the right track."  > Susan Kuhn, Consultant and Author

>>>"If you're ready to make something happen now, this workshop is a great platform. What attracted me to this course was the opportunity to focus on not only what's calling to emerge now, but also on what's relevant from among all the different ideas that have surfaced over the years. That kind of focus was what I was looking for and that is, in fact, what I got."  > Karen Rugg, President, Karlynne Communications

>>> "I am amazed, energized and relieved at how much I was able to pull together for my work and self. It was clearly the right decision for me to do this workshop. This is profound stuff and what I was seeking. And it was FUN. It was joyful when I got one "it" after another."  > Karen Buehler, President of K.L. Buehler and Associates

>>>"Michelle's work and workshop is truly creative emerging. I experienced a vibrant new aspect of myself that has substantially contributed to my life and work.I tapped new joy and flow."  > Patricia DiVecchio, Chief Visionary Officer and Founder, International Purpose
>>>"Michelle's ability to facilitate the integration of left brain analytical frameworks with the right brain imagination and ways of being is impeccable - solid, compassionate, and articulate. This workshop is for those serious about discovering and implementing their creativity in their work - in tangible ways - and learning a solid process to do so."  > Lynne Feingold, Government Analyst, Consultant, Coach, Author

>>>"Through Michelle's overflowing creative mind and compassionate heart, and the openness of the group format, I was able to both appreciate my natural creative talents and awaken new approaches that now expand the possibilities for fulfillment and success in my business." > Dianne Epplar Adams, Change Consultant and Founder of the Holistic Entrepreneurs Alliance

>>> "Michelle has a very unique and fun program to help us move through blocks and natural resistance to letting the creative source within each of us to express ourselves. I wasn't sure it was going to work with me...but it did. It was such a successful class."  > Lori Rock, Evolutionary Reiki Master and Magnified Healing Teacher