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The Creative, Original Facilitator Workshop

March 26, 2016 in Washington, DC

Are You at the Edge of What You Know?

When knowledge and information are infused with creativity and imagination an organization becomes engaged, resilient and generative. We partner with our clients to become a creative entrepreneur, a creative team, or creative organization by:

• Going from what's wrong to what's next - and what's alive

Using creative, generative, whole-brain thinking
• Unlocking the collective intelligence and ingenuity of teams
  and the unique creative gifts of inidividuals
• Integrating purpose, passion, profit, play and serving the good of the whole
• Establishing a culture where creativity, improvisation and innovation are the norm
• Harnessing the self-organization of creative systems for generative new solutions
• Creating new foundations to support thriving, engaging and fun work

What We Offer

We offer Consulting, Workshops, Programs, Creative Emergence Coaching, Creative Facilitation Training, Retreats, Presentations and Events, Creative Process Facilitation on all aspects of business, personal and organizational creativity - from individual creativity and emergence coaching to team co-creativity to organizational creative culture development. See our Approach and Services pages for details.

Creative Breakthroughs

We work with you and your organization to achieve measurable breakthroughs. We help you unlock and focus your creative resources in grounded and practical ways that serves your organization’s mission AND its people; meets the business bottom line AND catalyzes passion; facilitates new knowledge creation and innovation; and shapes, frames and evolves new, life-giving outcomes.

Our Discerning Focus is Emergence & the Whole Brain

Our signature Emergence Focus™ uses what is relevent in both problem-focused and outcome-focused approaches, and includes a new dimension. We get there using Whole Brain Practices.

Problem Focus
Outcome Focus
Emergence Focus
Now and Future
What's Wrong
What's Desired
What's Emerging
Explore & Engage
Outside Experts  
What's Missing 
Known Resources
Unseen Resources



Goals with Action


Integrate & "Yes And"
Opportunities & Invitations
Unknown is Dangerous
Unknown is Controllable
Unknown is Creative
New Way of Being

Where the Known and the Unknown Meet

Our clients are on that edge. We help individuals and organizations work in unknown territory and learn to use it as a business resource. We use our Creative Emergence Process and an integration of whole-brain methods which include emergent strategy, storytelling, applied improvisation, body-centered and arts-based practices to name a few. By using the whole-brain, what emerges are novel ideas, profound insights, visionary innovations, surprising directions, new structures and next-level solutions you can't get by conventional thinking. People feel a sense of purposeful contribution as inspired results are achieved.

New Directions, Services, Products, Approaches and Systems

• Breakthrough thinking and innovative applications
• Designing environments conducive to creativity, meaning and contribution
• Unlocking and focusing your imagination and aliveness...and that of your team
• Harnessing the productive power of diversity and different creative styles
• Moving from a "surviving" mindset to a creative "thriving" mindset
• Implementing generative structures and systems to contain and focus the new 
  creativity energy

CEO Michelle James on
Your Whole
Brain to Work
Using applied improv, storytelling,
visual thinking, the body & more

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March 26, 2016: The Creative,
Original Facilitator & Experience
workshop in DC

April 2, 2016: Creative Flow
Painting Process: Tap into
Your Creative Source
in Charlottesville, VA

April 5, 2016: Improv for Brand
at the FUSE Conference
in Miami, FL

December 2016: Annual Whole-Brain
Creative Facilitation Workshop

in Washington, DC.
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